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Different kinds of Tractors in India!

Riding Lawn Mowers:

These are power units with a 8-25 hp capacity and they are generally equipped with a mower.These do not come with other attachments that could be mounted separately to carry out other jobs.

Lawn and Garden Tractors:

Often this type of tractors is also referred to as compact tractors. They range in size from 12-32 hp and they come with variety of attachments for different jobs. Selected examples of these attachments may include sweepers, seeder, blades and tillers.

Large Tractors:

Large tractors have power in the range of 18-80 hp. Most tractors in this category are light industrial tractors of 20-45 hp. They are widely used on golf courses, parks, schools, and college campuses and they generally have low center of gravity for added stability when working on slopes. Tractors ranging in capacity up to 80 hp and farm tractors are used infrequently in green industry for heavier jobs.

Different kinds of Trucks in India!

Haulage Trucks






Tipper Truck

Rigid Truck

Cab Truck

Trailer Trucks


Eclipse owned by Roman Abromavich

This Russian Billionaire is the super proud owner of a mammoth Eclipse. We don’t know the exact cost of this, but various sources have listed this as high as even $1.5 billion. IT has its own private defence system to detect intruders and camera wielding spectators. There is room for 24 guests, two helipads, and its own private submarine.

Streets of Monaco $1 Billion

The difference between this yacht and number three on this list is $650 Million – nearly triple the cost. This one is still under construction. It includes Casinos and a replication of a Monaco Grand Prix Track. We can’t wait to check it out when it is done and sold off to some eccentric billionaire.

Dubai for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

This belongs to the Sheikh of Dubai and is appropriately called the Dubai. It can host 115 guests on board consisting of a swimming pool, spa, glass staircase and a helipad. It is currently the worlds second largest yacht.

Superyacht A owned by Andrei Melchenko

This Russian Billionaire is the super proud owner of a rather small superyacht for the amount of cash that was needed to build it. It is not the exterior or the size that makes it so impressive, it is the interiors which are designed with every modern comfort you can imagine.

Al Said owned by Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman

It costs a staggering $300 million and was built from an aluminium super structure. It can reach 22 knots and can accommodate upto 70 people – and that does not count the 154 crew members who work on board.

It consists of a concert hall. It is believed there are no interior images of this yacht, so we will have to take Sultan’s Word that this place is damn awesome.

John Abraham

How can we not have him right? Recently he got a custom made bike from Rajputanas Limelight, called the light foot. It has been designed as per John�s height, weight and preferences. Besides this he owns Suzuki GSX 1300R, Yamaha VMax & YZF-R1.

R Madhavan

R Madhavan is a massive fan of bikes too, however not spotted much with them. He owns a BMW K1600 GTL which is said to have costed him 24 lakhs.

Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy is the surprise in the list. He owns a Honda Rune 1900 CC which not many people are aware about. He owns one of the 600 manufactured by Honda worldwide.

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