Riding Lawn Mowers:

These are power units with a 8-25 hp capacity and they are generally equipped with a mower.These do not come with other attachments that could be mounted separately to carry out other jobs.

Lawn and Garden Tractors:

Often this type of tractors is also referred to as compact tractors. They range in size from 12-32 hp and they come with variety of attachments for different jobs. Selected examples of these attachments may include sweepers, seeder, blades and tillers.

Large Tractors:

Large tractors have power in the range of 18-80 hp. Most tractors in this category are light industrial tractors of 20-45 hp. They are widely used on golf courses, parks, schools, and college campuses and they generally have low center of gravity for added stability when working on slopes. Tractors ranging in capacity up to 80 hp and farm tractors are used infrequently in green industry for heavier jobs.